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So how did I get here?  That’s a long and winding path with half a century of starts, stops, false starts, fits, splits, forks, derailments, changes and just about everything else Life can throw at you.

Who am I?  I’m Lisa.  Capricorn.  Turned 50 on New Year’s Eve 2015.  Single.  Mom.  19 year old son.  7 year old Chocolate Lab.  3 year old Husky mix rescue.  Ex-Girlfriend.  Girlfriend. Photographer.  Painter (of many things).  Bellydancer.  Renter.  Orphan.  Corporate geek.  Writer.  Dog Rescuer.  Friend.  Chef and dishwasher.  Master of my Domain.  Spiritual and believer in God.

And I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

This is my story because no one does cancer like I do!

I write about everything including the kitchen sink and the leaky faucet which woke me.

Welcome to my Slice of Life.

Live Well,


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