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So … that thing about celibacy for one year?  It’s more of a guideline, n’est-ce pas?  *grin*

“I’m in!” then “I’m out!” Memories of a Seinfeld discussion with a work colleague.  Whoever said the path to redemption was a straight line?!

However, I did reach one spiritual plateau with this one-year challenge.  I’m so fed up with clutter in my life.

And stuff.  I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.  Why did I think I needed all this stuff?

I have 300 cookbooks (and this is after I cleared out and donated 200+ books a few years ago).  I have 2 x Mini Cheesecake pans.  6 x Springform pans.  4 cookie sheets.  3 roasting pans.  Candles and knickknacks (Ugh!  I hate candles and knickknacks!).  Two white folding chairs from Dîner en Blanc that I won’t use again until the next event. A 5-high shoe rack full.  Closet busting at the seams.  Dog toys all over the place.  5 leashes.  The list goes on and on.

While awaiting a friend’s post on the Christmas families we will help, I googled local families to adopt and landed on the site for a women’s shelter.  When my soul settles in the right place, I can physically feel it.  They pleaded that instead of making it the “Best Christmas ever” for one family, to help several make it through the season.

As I look at my wealth, I realize that I can do better and help more.  So I signed out of a few parties (the cost of dresses, tickets, booze, mani and pedi+ hair) and decided to go lean this Christmas at home.

I decided that starting with this holiday season – and for 2017 – I am going to give what I get … in a nice way.

If I refresh our pillows, I will also drop some off at the shelter (pillows are on our local women’s shelter’s wish list).  Need new sheets?  I’m going to forego the $500 set and buy two sets somewhere.  One for me and one to share.

I picked up Swiss Chalet’s Festive Special for Matthew’s dinner last night … and also grabbed a $40 gift card so a family can eat.

Shoes?  I’m ashamed.  I have many.  I don’t need new shoes.  I want new boots.  Instead, I will offer to help an abused woman to buy some shoes.  Cinderella did indeed know the value of shoes.

I will fill up boxes with soap, shampoo & conditioner, that oil I love for my hair, toothpaste & brushes.  Two lipsticks mean one for me and one for someone who will do anything to brighten her smile for the sake of the two young faces watching her, perplexed, sad and angry that their predicament is so unstable.  Concealer for me means “Girl, you partied too much on King St. W. and it will show on Monday!”  Concealer for them means “Everyone can see he hit me”.  It really made a point to see concealer specified on the wish list.

And you know what?  There were nights when I wished my ex would have hit me.  Just to get it over with.  That build up of tension – which I later learned was called the cycle of abuse – wondering how and when he was going to let his anger explode.  Dancing with the Stars is a cake-walk compared to the tiptoe dance around an abusive partner.

I’m so thankful that I found the strength to get out.  It’s rarely done alone.  Another person usually extends a hand to say “I’ll help” – and that is the spark that lights your way.  I had a friend who did that for me.

I have to further explore my thoughts on globalization in the context of the recent spate of racism, sexism, capitalism and bullying.  Their jobs, their right to target another faith, sex or race. Those who

Imagine how different the world would be if we bought 10 pairs of shoes for children in Rwanda instead of $300 boots?  We have to take care of our brothers and sisters at home and in other countries.  And your right to a job overrules good stewardship of the planet?

If you would like to help me with the One-Year Challenge to do unto others, please send me a message!

The Denise House Wish List

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