I think I deserve a celebration of sorts!  And I didn’t want you to think chemotherapy was all exhaustion and feeling on the verge of vomiting!

This round – knock on wood – hasn’t been so bad.  Today is Day 3, which has been the morning I woke up feeling like death warmed over.  But … so far I am up, walked the dogs (without remembering my hair!), made them breakfast, made myself coffee (coffee!) and settled in to tell you the news.

The rest of my day was a nondescript motion of bland, light meals, running the kid to the dentist and walking the dogs.  Huge accomplishments for Chemo 3!

I was feeling a tad weak, so we just took a stroll around the block.  Walking 130lbs of dogs isn’t easy when that is about my weight!  One strong tug and I am over …

My nose & eyes are a bit dry, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy … so I will have to get a moisturizing nasal spray and eye drops.  I had a slight nose bleed yesterday, but nothing serious.  No bleeding out with no platelets worthy bleed.

Oh, and the hair situation!  All gone except the arm, eyebrows and eyelashes.  My head still has stubble but nothing is really growing.  Smooth sailing!

I think the crisis of Chemo 1 was due to my still recovering from surgery, infection brewing, stress, and finally crashing into the Oncology Ward chronicled in Visiting Hours.  Chemo 2 was better but I had one day where I couldn’t function … that was Day 3.  This time … I am up doing dishes before the new cleaning lady gets here!

May 18 5

I can tell I am being poisoned, though.  My healthy, white half-moon nails have been replaced with the dark side of the moon.  There is a slight chance they will fall off …

And I cut my finger … stuck the digit in my mouth to stop the bleeding … and BLECH!

The blood tasted AWFUL … metallic, bitter, chemical burn.  When I realized that I was not just tasting my blood in my heightened chemo sensory stage … I ran to the bathroom to rinse my mouth.  Over and over.  Then swished with a baking soda rinse.

I was tasting the toxic chemo cocktail … and poisoning myself a second time!  Truly awful taste that I am sure is secreting in all my body fluids.  No wonder latex condoms and dams are needed for sex!  Let’s just hold that thought for now … Yuck.

dental dam

I will just write about sex instead …

CRC3 6

Before I whip up another Andrew* fantasy, I have to tell you how blessed I feel.  Thank you for your cards.  I may have missed a few gifts, unfortunately, as the notices weren’t received in time … thanks to a lost mailbox key and weeks lost in #chemobrain … it’s a real thing!

Thank you for your drives to the hospital, your stews, your hugs and elbow bumps.  Your caring notes and cards.  I love all of you!  I re-read them when I am feeling my extroverted self and in need of human contact.  And a good laugh with my heathens!

May 18 2

I am doing pretty good this round so I hope to be out for lunch dates next week and doing what I love best … helping rescue dogs like Summer.


Thanks again for joining me on the Pink Dot Detour!

May 18 1

Cancer has so many stages … some of us are fresh in the fight and giving it all we have.  Then others are in clinical trials hoping to find something that works.  And still others have given it their all … and it’s overwhelmed them.  We all look and feel different … just one side of the same coin.  Sending out good vibes to my cancer sisters and brothers today.

Feeling blessed,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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