Introducing Roxy!  You’ve met Heather and Sophie … it was time to introduce the wig I chose – or rather, it chose me – to be most like my real hair.

I’ve always had curly hair – but wanted straight hair – the grass is always greener … I would spend hours blow-drying and feathering my hair as a teenager – only to have the humidity pouff it up.  My best friend in high school – Kathy – that the most gorgeous, thick hair.  As an adult, I gave up fighting the curls and learned to enjoyed them.

IMG_7270 f

On the night of my Say Yes to the Tresses wig party … this was one of the last wigs that Karen brought out.  It has a special story.  Forgive me if I splash tears on the keyboard as I type … both happy and sad.

This wig – named Tamara – was designed by our very own friend and founder of Jon Renau in Canada – Roxanne Annibale.  I cried when I placed Tamara on my head.

I could feel Roxanne’s presence.  Her feistiness.  Her take no shit ‘tude.  I could feel her guidance. Her flair for business.  Her frenzied pace when she is on to something.

I could hear her voice.  Her french Canadian accent.  Her words.

I could see her smile and her vision.

Roxy is savvy.  She is chic.  She is smart.  She is cunning like a fox.  She has balls.  She will run an empire.  She is stubborn.  And she tells you off.

I had to wait awhile to introduce you to Roxy.  I needed to know that Roxanne was ok that I was taking on her nickname.  I wasn’t sure I could fill her shoes … but I sense that she is here and approves.

Here is the story of Tamara from Jon Renau.  Proceeds from the sales of Tamara are generously donated to Canada’s Look Good Feel Better program for women with cancer.

Tamara card

I can tell you that these wigs from Jon Renau have saved my life.  Not only do I look good, I feel incredible!  The magic they breathe into my life is simply … amazing.  And unexpected.

My life has taken so many amazing turns.  I’m crying as I type this … but my life is better.  People who have fought cancer understand that …  It is an unexpected gift.  “It” clarifies who you are, what you are made of, where and when you spend your time.  And with who.  While I don’t wish this journey on anyone, I do hope my words inspire you to find your path to an Amazing Life Well Lived & Loved.  Every moment counts.

Roxy 3

This morning’s little Everything Happens for A Reason moment put me on the path of some business research.  A Facebook friend liked a site by Michael Hyatt … He was selling his success.  Intrigued and interest piqued … I clicked on the link.  I liked his message.

Later this morning, I decided I needed to get out in the fresh air … maybe go to Starbucks for a latte.   I picked today to introduce you to Roxy.  As soon as Roxy & I settled into the car, we headed to Starbucks … and Roxanne tapped me on the head to buy Michael’s book at Chapters.  There was only one left.

Roxy books

I’m on my way to making my dream come true.

And I promise … Roxanne … I will pay it forward.

Thank you Roxanne.  Thank you Karen.  Thank you Jon Renau.



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