So how did I get here?  That’s a long and winding path with half a century of starts, stops, false starts, fits, splits, forks, derailments, changes and just about everything else Life can throw at you.

I guess as I blew by my 50th Birthday, I began searching for something.

Me.  My purpose.  Direction.  Comfort.

Who am I?  I’m Lisa.  Capricorn.  Turned 50 on New Year’s Eve.  Single.  Mom.  18 year old son.  6 year old Chocolate Lab.  2 year old Husky mix rescue.  Ex-Girlfriend.  Girlfriend.  Photographer.  Painter (of many things).  Bellydancer.  Renter.  Orphan.  Corporate geek.  I can’t quit my day job because I love it.  Not enough money.  Dog Rescuer.  Friend.  Chef and dishwasher.  Master of my Domain.  Spiritual and believer in God.

What Am I Interested in?  Living well.  Nutrition and fresh food.  Good photography.  Painting things made of wood.  Finding and keeping love.  Reducing stress.  Reading my horoscope.  String Theory and Multi-Universes.  Scientific research.  The Real God.  Real life.  Second income to fund a home and university education for Matt.  Staying in tip top shape.  Helping Matt navigate life.  Pinterest.  Facebook.  Connecting with people.  My dogs Carly and Annie.  Yoga.  RAW feeding and real food for dogs.  Bellydancing and club dancing.  Saturday nights out.  Sunday snuggles.  Writing.  Humour.  My Friends who are Family.  Telling my story.

Where am I?  Crossroads.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my blog to be about.  Love? Dogs? Dog nutrition?  Cooking?  Human sustenance? Photography?  Painting and selling furniture pieces?  Painting and selling wooden signs?  My little part of the world?  Single and dating life?  How to on “How to”?  Surviving abuse?  Spirituality and my winding path?  Surely others have done all of those topics and done them well.  What do I have to add, but my unique journey blended with my unique 7,000 foot view (why seven? Because is it perfection.)

Why, and how will I attract readers?  I’m not sure but I am going with the “build it and they will come” theory.  I wasn’t even sure what to name it.  Fresh?  Fresh food.  Fresh photography.  Fresh furniture.  Fresh date.  Fresh view.  The Fox is a story for another day … I will write about everything including the kitchen sink and the leaky faucet which woke me.

Welcome to my Slice of Life.

Live Well,


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