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Grateful (that 2016 is done!).

Over ten years ago, Ali Edwards started a tradition of choosing one little word to lean into and live with for the coming year.  One Little Word has been a beautiful spark which enriches my life daily, and provides an interesting backwards glance at years gone by.  I just have to look at my past little words to remember where I was – and what challenges I faced.  2009 was the year I finally faced that I had to exit my abusive relationship, so I was getting ready to jump And I did jump in 2010 so I moved forward.  In 2011 I needed to rediscover who I was and my passions.  A repeat jump in 2012 ironically foretold Matt’s jump.  In 2013, fear of losing my job made me rethink finances and what really counts.  I lost my Mom that year.  For 2014 I wanted to put The Secret to work and attract all things good.  By 2015, I had enough.  But when I flipped over that word, I realized that I am truly blessed with more than enough.  Not just the small things but in many deep, wide and enormous ways.  It is enough to sustain me.  2016 was meant to be a fresh start, but I didn’t realize just how startling it would be.  If you had of told me at the start of last year that I would be blogging about spirituality, I would have laughed!  This year – 2017 – I am trying to decide which word will have the most impact on my life – grace or grateful.

Join me – choose a word, or perhaps one has chosen you.  That One Little Word can have a huge impact on your life – allow it in and let it settle.  Sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable – something you wish for but it remains just out of reach.  What do you want for you in 2017?  If you join Ali’s class, you will find that the word takes on a life of its own and reveals meanings you haven’t thought of.

Make your word part of your life every day.

2009 Jump

2010 Forward

2011 Rediscover

2012 Jump

2013 Count

2014 Attract

2015 Enough

2016 Fresh

2017 Grace

Happy New Year!

Graciously and gratefully yours,


P.S.  I decided to make it grace.

© Lisa Jobson 2017