Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

In therapy, “Ask for what you want” Dr. Dan said.

With scientific curiosity, I tested God and my faith.

I want proof.

I want proof that there is more to this life.  I want proof that good triumphs evil.  I want proof that there is a God. I want proof that He hears me.

Even before I believed in God, I believed in spirits.  I’ve been told throughout my life that I have a very strong and very foreboding guardian spirit behind me.  Almost every real “seer” sees him. In fact, this is my test of their authenticity … Can they see my guide?  Ironically, I can’t see him. But I have had multiple unrelated psychics mention him!

As I have aged, I have accumulated more guides.  Mostly animal … and to that I am deeply thankful. Deeply.  It means they watch what I do and clear my path so that I may continue.  The fox, the sparrow, the pig, the dog … I am so grateful for their support.

My angel … the poor soul who has to keep me safe?

He’s to my left … and he never leaves my side.  I’m positive he has been the one who stepped in seconds before each disaster I’ve almost hit … the car that almost hit me … the truck I almost hit in the fog … the forewarning of my Dad’s death … the guy who tried to mug me on the subway … the runner who didn’t catch me.  The one who told me when to leave an abusive relationship.

He’s the epitome of “Tall, Dark and Handsome”.  Very tall, dark skinned (Native American) and very Handsome.  I cringe to think of some moments he has witnessed!  Oh my …

But I wanted proof that he was there so I asked for a sign.  One November day, I asked him for a feather.

The next morning when I stepped outside my home, I found a beautiful white feather.  I laughed.

“You aren’t white.” I chided my spirit guide.

The next morning he left me a brown feather.  And I knew he really was there.

Live well,


© Lisa Jobson 2017