Do you know how rain gets into rain clouds?  It’s not just a matter of warm air rising into the sky and condensing.  How does the water find (or make) the cloud?  Charge.  It doesn’t just float around up there.

Water may very well have a 4th phase.

  1. water
  2. gel
  3. ice
  4. vapour

If you have ever looked at the structure of ice, the H20 molecules line up nicely … like this:

Water molecules in their liquid form are haphazard … The Hs and the Os are all over the place.  This is what scientists call “bulk water”.

One scientist at the University of Guelph suggests that the 4th phase – the gel state of water – is where the molecules begin to line up.  And they separate themselves by their negative charge into an “exclusion zone” and positive charge … outside the zone.  This exclusion zone – EZ for short – explains water tension.  And some weird things that happen with water.  Perhaps why human cells – which are mostly water – have a negative charge. The water in our cells resembles the gel state vs the bulk water state.

It absorbs energy from light to build itself.  Water – elegant, simple water … the molecule of life – uses energy.  And it does things.  If you place a tube in water, the water will flow through the tube.  No push needed.  The push is from lightwaves.  This same “push” is seen in our capillaries to move red blood cells.  This eloquent truth seems almost too elegant to be real.

Why does any of this matter?  It’s fascinating.

What does this have to do with me?  Nothing, really.

What does this have to do with my cancer treatment?  Absolutely nothing. 

Where did I learn this?  I’ve been watching TED and TEDx talks non-stop since I broke my leg. 

Bed-ridden, I can’t do much else other than read, write and watch.  I’ve cycled through all of those states (and perhaps need a fourth phase!)

If you want to watch the fascinating video on water, here it is:

The Fourth Phase of Water: Gerald Pollack GuelphU

I’ve watched TED Talks on astrophysics, physics, psychology, God and all religions, atheism, activism, bacteria, blockchain, the cosmos, happiness, sadness, fooling yourself, hypnosis, introverts and extroverts, cancer, molecular biology, philosophy, how the world will end, the singularity, writing, sex, love and war.  And more.

Stay tuned as I geek out and blog about hypnosis next!

Copious notes.

So … again … why am I watching TED Talks?  I love them.  I’ve been watching them for years, and am elated that I have access to hundreds and hundreds of TED and TEDx conferences.  I will post my Top 10 favourites once I have watched every one I can find.  If I saved the links (because my chemo brain checked out the back door again).

It’s better than whining, crying and twiddling my thumbs while knocking my head against the wall in sheer boredom.  Or asking “Why me?” for the billionth time.

I suppose I am losing my mind.  The dogs don’t talk back.  I can only move so far on crutches.  My muscle tone is weak due to five months of chemo.  I don’t dare slam my broken leg down on the ground, lest I separate the broken shards of bone.  I am still in my flimsy temporary cast until tomorrow.  My neck, shoulders and arms are tired of carrying my weight around.  I scoot across our tiny kitchen on a chair to cook and do dishes. Yes, we did have a full Thanksgiving dinner … and I made hot turkey sandwiches tonight.  We think they are better than the actual turkey dinner!

I do believe everything happens for a reason … And I am sure God side-lined me a little more harshly this time for a good reason.  I needed to slow down and observe rather than become a redshirt.

What’s a redshirt?

Are you old enough to remember the original Star Trek?  The unknown characters in the red shirts always died.  Expendable.  Not the main characters.  Every single episode.

Today was my first radiation treatment for my Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

As I lay on the table, I said “Set phasers to stun” to the two young technicians.  Not sure she got it, but he did.  The thought rolled through my mind again as I lay there – alone in radiation chamber #5 – to listen and look as the Linear Accelerator phased me with beams.  X-rays, gamma rays and charged particles are blasted through me.  It’s targeted … but doesn’t slice me in half like a laser.  Or stun me like a phaser.

It’s not scary or painful (any more than an x-ray is) but it’s lonely.  The whole friggin’ cancer journey is lonely.

The setup took longer than the radiation beam.  My little blue dots were used to line up the radiation beam to exact measurements for me and my cancer. Watch a short clip of the set up:

Once the technicians cleared out, closed the door and turned on the BEAM ON sign, my right breast was blasted twice on the right … a long burst and a short burst.  About 20 seconds and 10 seconds each … I didn’t really count.  Then the LINAC rotated around me to blast from the other side.  I imagine that it works it’s way through the breast during my next 19 visits.  For my last four, they will “boost” the tumour site with a higher dose of radiation.

I expect I will have radiation fatigue and burns by next week, which will be challenging while navigating life and love on crutches.

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