Hypnosis has always seemed like a parlour trick for comedians.  Years ago, I went to Yuk Yuk’s with friends and watched them make dicks (literally) of themselves on stage while under hypnosis.  My friend Terri and I both said “OK, there is no way I could be hypnotized!”

Then I sent her this video.  We both got hypnotized.  You must watch it!  Absolutely astounding!

Hypnotize Yourself TEDx Talk

I began to research hypnosis and healing.  Even Harvard believes that hypnosis can heal you faster.

Hypnosis Heals – Harvard Magazine

After listening to a few YouTube videos on hypnosis, I decided to write my own message to myself.  I read the Handbook of Hypnotic Phrases and Metaphors so I would know how to talk to my unconscious mind … telling her that my body and mind will heal my body and mind.

As I get ready for bed, I play some soft, soothing music for meditation … and talk to myself.  Except last night. I was so relaxed, I fell asleep in the introduction.

I researched the process bones go through to heal so I could envision it in my mind’s eye while I chant “Heal thyself!”

Breathe in 3 long breaths … hold … breathe out 1 … 2 … 3

My immune system immediately kicks in to surround the fracture. This swelling is good inflammation and essential to healing. The secret lies in my stem cells and the bone’s natural ability to heal. The stem cells from the surrounding tissues, bone marrow and blood come when called by my immune system and migrate into the fracture. The blood clots around my broken ankle. This is called hematoma. Tiny blood vessels will grow into the fracture hematoma to fuel the healing process. There is a latticework of proteins that provide a temporary plug to fill the gap created by the break. My fibroblast cells will begin producing fibers of collagen, the major protein in bone and connective tissue, to mend my bone.

I lay in bed each night and guide my unconscious and sub-conscious mind to orchestrate the healing process. If this works … I won’t need surgery! And while I am at it, I may as well guide my body through radiation and killing off any remaining cancer cells, right?

As I lay under the LINAC (linear accelerator radiation machine), I guide my body through mental imagery to align with and amplify the effectiveness of my radiation therapy. Radiation, like chemo, is my friend and ally. I imagine directing the healing rays towards the cancer cells while simultaneously instructing my body to deflect them away from normal, healthy cells. I will remain comfortable and relaxed as my treatment eliminates disease and returns me to health and wellness.

Why stop there?

We succumb to our self talk … so it may as well be good!

Let’s imagine world peace … an end to hunger. Humans collaborating instead of trying to annilate eachother. Fame. Fortune. Good health. Wisdom.  Happiness.

And a book on the best seller list.

What are your dreams to come true?


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