I picked this idea up off another blog, and thought it would be a good entry for today.  I was writing another swan dive slash tear jerker of a post and decided I needed to lighten up.  So here it is … Fifteen Totally Random Things that people don’t know about me.  I’d really love to hear random sh*t about you!

1)  My favourite flowers are tulips and hydrangeas … tulips for their beautiful simplicity and hydrangeas because I love how their colours shift from pale green to a lovely dried brown (perfect for the fall).

2)  I haven’t turned on my Cable TV in 8 months … but am STILL paying for cable.

3)  I’m messy but I have a threshold.  It comes from my father’s side of the family and must have something to do with our creativity (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it).  But I can’t stand a sinkful of dishes, which comes from my Mom who was a perfect housekeeper.  If I have a Bachelors in not putting stuff away, my son has his PhD.  Yeah … the apple didn’t fall far from this tree.

4)  I have broken my tailbone three times.  First time it was not diagnosed but I *know* the pain and figured it out years later.  My best friend literally kicked me in the arse in Grade 4.  The second time … I was thrown off my horse in a horse show and my body hit the ground in a V formation – tailbone first – and broke it and the third vertebrae L3 from the bottom.  I spent two weeks in the Montreal Children’s Hospital recovering.  I have tingling in my left hip and knee, which are most likely related to that accident.  My son Matthew broke it the third time when he was born.  He was a whopping 9lbs 8oz and sunny side up.

5)  I absolutely LOVE Fall and Hallowe’en!

6)  I have broken 4 toes.  My horse stepped on my bare foot and broke my left big toe, but that was not discovered until I was 22 and wearing 5-inch heels to work regulary.  I had to have surgery to correct it.  The second time, I jumped off a speaker at the Chick n’ Deli while drinking with my buddies and broke my second metatarsal on my right foot.  I didn’t know it was broken until the next day because I was doing tequila body shots all night!  I lied and told my family that I had fallen down the stairs doing laundry.  The third & fourth break occurred when I was playing Supermom and my left foot smashed into the steel tool box in the (dark) basement.  My toes were so dislocated that they were upside down.  My Ex just sat there and said “You are taking a taxi to the hospital, right?”

7)  I have some pretty wild stories from the nights I volunteered in Toronto General Hospital’s Emergency Room.  Ask me about the “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” incident!

8)  I must have been slightly dyslexic when younger because I could not for the life of me tell my left from my right.  I had to look at which hand I wrote with – the right – to figure it out.  That challenge went away sometime in my thirties …

9)  I am a published photographer.  My favourite sale is this photo.  I was doing an online photography class with Brian Peterson and this was the homework.  I wanted something on point and on focus, very shallow depth of field and grainy.  The photo was purchased by an Ohio schoolboard.  Technically I do not own the image any more … they do!

10)  I don’t have a favourite colour … I love all of them!  My father was a gifted artist and my mother was a patient and doting parent who taught me to name every colour there is.  While other kids were learning their primary colours, I was picking turquoise, magenta, chartreuse, peridot and citrine out of the crayon box.  And periwinkle blue.   Thanks to my father, I have 100% photographic memory for colour and can perfectly match by memory alone.

11)  I went missing on my baby sitter slash cousin when I was three years old because she was being nasty.  I hid behind the door for hours while she and her sister frantically looked for me.  She smacked my ass when she found me and I not only peed on the floor, but I tried to pick it up and throw it at her.  I side kicked pee into her face.

12)  That cousin who baby sat me?  I told her daughter such wicked ghost stories that to this day, that poor girl will not sleep near an open door because something might creep through it …  She’s only five or six years younger than me.  True story.  My Aunt (her Grandma) was LIVID.

13)  I have never been married but engaged twice.  Third time is a charm!

14)  The 2003 Blackout brings back another memory for me.  I miscarried our daughter the week after.

15)  I am positive that I lived in Egypt in another lifetime.

Your turn!


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